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Nature is not a thing.

Nature is movement.

The wind blows; waves crest; birds sing.

We are part of nature.

We live, we grow, we die.

Most importantly, we act.

When we act, we create meaning.

There is no “meaning” in the wind blowing. It simply is.

We create meaning when we run in relation to the wind.

If we run into the wind, we are running for a goal, and the wind is resistance.

If we run with the wind at our backs, we are running for a different goal, and the wind is our aid.

Meaning doesn’t exist by itself.
Actions and relationships create meaning.

“The meaning of life” is not something that exists apart from us.

We are the meaning of life.
We create life’s meaning through action.

The meaning of life isn’t a riddle. It’s a choice.

The real question we must ask is,
“What meaning will I create with my life?”